Spacewise refrigerated containers are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from
securely housing food and drink at outside events, to high value temperature sensitive inventories.
All our units have temperatures that range between -35°c to +30°c.

10ft Chilled Container Hire

Small enough to fit on a standard car parking space, our 10ft refrigerated container is the most compact container Spacewise has to offer. 

20ft Chilled Container Hire

Our 20ft model is in high demand from pharmaceutical, retail, food, and event organising companies that stock temperature-sensitive products. Our units are capable of accommodating several layers of products with up to 9 layers per palette.

40ft Chilled Container Hire

The 40ft model is the largest in our range and is best suited for the purpose of storing and transporting large volumes of products due to its easy mobility and versatility. 

securely storE food & drink at events

Our range of chilled units offer a significant number of benefits and are ideal for companies that need extra space, alongside people who offer food and drink at public events.

USING chilled containers AT flower festivals

Flowers are loved for their natural beauty, but their quality is easily lost if the conditions are not ideal, especially during the hot summer months!

Chilled Containers for food manufacturers

Storing ingredients and finished products is a key part of the food manufacturing process, and solving it in an economical way is extremely important. This is especially the case for large-scale manufacturers.

Common uses FOR Spacewise Chilled Containers

Spacewise manufactures refrigerated containers in three sets of dimensions in order to meet the needs of various industries. All three models have exactly the same height and width, with length and total volume being the main differences.

selectING the right Chilled Container

Any Spacewise container-based storage is typically more cost-effective than building and maintaining traditional brick-and-mortar facilities, however it is still important to ensure you select the best unit/s for the needs of your business.